Gudetama Envy - Cheveux

Rp 150.000

"Magic stumbled from her pretty lips and when she spoke the language of the universe- the stars sighed in unison, it leaves everyone envious of her. The fragrance of loves lingers on the hand that cast it, its both floral and fruity composition is characterised as fresh, opening with a mixtures of orange, peach and pineapples. With based notes of jasmine, watermelon and vanilla. Finished with a musk, it will surely leaves everyone envious of you

How to use:
Spray to hair and keep hair smelling good all day long 

*all cheveux hair perfume contain Keratin (for hair repairing), Aloe Vera (moisturize the hair cuticle), Vit pro b5 (repairing), ginseng extract (to strengthen the hair follicle)

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