Face Palette - They Talk About

Rp 179.000
This all-in-one palette is everything you need to create a wearable, charming daily look. The palette comprises 3 matte shades and 1 shimmer shade that can be applied as eyeshadow, blush, contour, bronzer, and highlighter. Keep it soft or glam, this palette has your back for every look.

Quartz : soft peachy shimmer with gold undertones
Sienna : soft coral-peach
Umber : muted golden tan-beige
Rosewood : soft rosy-plum

- Clean your face before applying makeup, use moisturizer and primer for a better result
- Apply amount of product using brush and swipe it to your preference area of your face
- For more pigmented result, wet your brush before you dip into palette
- All of these colors can be mixed and played together to create a new look.

Rosewood is a mauve color suits for some deep pinkish natural eyeshadows or blush to waking up your beautiful eyes and cheeks. Build shape and dimension with this color on the eyelid.

Sienna represents a peach color to bring your skin to life with its fresh and healthy silhouette which can be applied for eyeshadows and blush. Cover all of your eyelid with this color as a base and brush it on your cheeks too.

Quartz shows a glimpse of golden shimmery effect on your temples and cheekbones. Use a thin layer for a natural bright skin or add little more layers to get your perfect glow. Use your fingertip or brush and apply this color to your cheekbones.

Umber gives you a slightly defined bones structure with its brownish color to shape your cheekbones and jawline. Use your favorite brush and sweep onto your skin for a more structured bone and bronze glow look.

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