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Even Better Blender - Mad For Makeup

Rp 65.000
IMPORTANT: karena permintaan yang sangat tinggi, kami terpaksa membatasi pembelian Even Better Blender menjadi 2 pcs per costumer. Jika kalian order lebih dari 2 pcs,maaf sekali harus kami cancel. Kita berharap simpan stok kasih semua sis ada opportunitas coba produk kita.. Terimakasih. Inspired by our rebels to help reduce plastic & waste, we decided to create the 1st Transformable 95% non plastic packaging that can combine into a makeup organizer with our other packaging or into their own item holder. Just add 1 cm of sticky tape & its done. Our uniquely made Even Better Beauty Blender, is crafted specially for your blender needs & improves on our previous design by making it 30% softer & more absorbent. You will also find better coverage as well a more softer textured finish than other blenders. A Blender made with beautiful professionals & your feedback, & priced specially for you. Try it today while stock last. Limited Edition. BENEFITS 30% Softer vs others Flawless Latex Free Absorbent Hypoallergenic Softer Finish From Singapore Distributed by Mad For Makeup Co.

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