Todays Outfit

Have you ever promised yourself to wake up early but end up with stumble out of bed last minute? Waking up be rough, but not quite rough as getting dress! Nothing looks right clothes are everywhere, and yet you think you don't have much clothes. Please don't give up, maybe you just need a little direction. Not overthink it, instead of channeling your inner runway model, choose basics and style them around one statement-making piece. And just remember to breathe!

Windy Scarft by@lovastuffs, 269k,

Assym Sheer basic Tee by @mannequinplastic, 165k,

Dakota Flare Denim by @madrm_id, 469k,

Vinca Bag by @upsidedownshoes, 250k,

Noir Loafer by @vham_official, 320k

#todaysoutfit #HGLhouse