Alexalexa for Happy Go Lucky Resort Collection Ideas of Utopia

The seemingly unending lock downs and home quarantines have inspired the designer of Alex[a]lexa, Monique Soeriaatmadja, to design a collection inspired by her desire to escape to an idyllic utopian world. 

Bright colors such as lime green, bubble gum pink, and sky blue dominate the collection, reminiscent of the color of fresh grown grass, flowers and of course, the blue sky. 

In this collection the gingham fabric is pleated to create a unique look. The classic print is also given a new look by distorting the lines and juxtaposing it with images of poppies to further illustrate her idea of a utopian world. 

And if you look closer the poppies are also hand drawn, which came from one of her sketchbooks during the pandemic. 

All in all the collection is aimed to be something that will give a smile to the wearer whenever she puts it on. A happy and playful collection that invites the wearer to enjoy and have fun with each piece.